Art and craft fair - Finlaystone Country Estate

Art and craft fair - Finlaystone Country Estate is now available to purchase as a giclée print both framed and mounted.

This is the latest work to be added to the website and captures a scene from the summer of 2010.

The attraction for creating this work was the feeling of early afternoon sunlight flowing through the trees in the background, the flags above and the cobble stones below. Your eye is led into the picture via the buildings on both sides, along with the receding size of the cobbles. The swallows' nest in the top right hand corner of the painting adds an extra dimension to the figurative composition and carries the eye into the picture.

The work depicts people of all ages enjoying the art and craft fair at the stables of Finlaystone Country Estate in Langbank.

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Art and craft fair at Finlaystone Country Estate

Prints are available both framed and mounted in the 12"x12" and 25"x25" sizes. The 12"x12" prints come with a certificate of authenticity signed by Michael and the 25"x25" prints themselves are signed by Michael.

To view a larger version of the work, go to the Finlaystone Country Estate page in the miscellaneous section of the website, and to purchase giclée prints of the scene just visit the online art shop.

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